1. The primary goal for the LNMO is to provide musical instruction to school age children. We will provide inspiration in order to develop a want to learn more about music instruments by giving, A) Introductory performances to excite; B) Advanced level classes to refine; C) Musical camps to enhance; D) Basic level instructions for new musicians. LNMO will work with government and non-profit organizations to ensure music instruction is available. This goal will be accomplished when there is a music program available to every student.

2. LNMO wants to provide musical instruments to all school age children wanting to learn the craftsmanship of music. By utilizing the resources across the United States, LNMO will be able to collect and disseminate instruments to children with restricted access to music equipment. LNMO will host music drives to gather donated and used instruments. This will be provided to the students receiving music instructions. LNMO will also work with industry to ensure the best and most up to date equipment is available. Lastly, LNMO will work side by side with nonprofit organizations and government in order to distribute to areas that the want is there but lack the resources for music education are available.

3. LNMO will provide inspiration to learn music. LNMO will infuse creativity with curriculum in order for students to fill dared as well as interested. The objective is to continually create a curriculum that is challenging and effective. By conducting research, LNMO will identify better ways to teach students music. Music instruction leads to better student, better students lead to well-rounded and educated citizens, educated citizens lead to a prosperous and leading nation.