The Maestro

It’s not very often that you encounter an artist as gifted and unique as Lee England, Jr. He is a virtuoso violinist with a soulful voice. His laid back demeanor contradicts his exciting and captivating performances. Lee obtained three degrees (B.S. Music Business, B.A. Music Performance, and B.A. Music Education) at Southern Illinois University. Although classically trained, when asked to describe his style, Lee says, “It’s a musical gumbo consisting of rhythm, blues, gospel, jazz, Hip-Hop and symphonic soul.” With a keen ear and firm understanding of music, Lee’s ability to improvise has landed him at the top of the musical race very early. Lee is one of the most sought after in-studio recording artists because of his ability to play just about any instrument set before him. With his natural humility as the guide, Lee finds his way into both the hearts of the youthful and seasoned, on and off the stage. Indeed, great things are in store for Lee England Jr., and this is just the beginning of the world bearing witness to “The Lee England Experience.” Most recently Lee has signed on to represent the Jordan Brand. Michael Jordan, after seeing Lee perform, immediately and personally offered Lee the opportunity to represent the brand. Since then Lee has played the National Anthem and provided halftime entertainment for NBA teams all across the country to standing ovations. Lee England Jr., “The Michael Jordan of the Violin.”



  • 6.23

    Women's Business Enterprise Nat'l Conf

    Pennsylvania Convention Center

    Our “Join Forces. Succeed Together.” theme underscores the need to strengthen our partnerships not only with our valued Corporate and Government members but also between our certified WBEs. This joining of forces across all constituents is critical to our collective success, which will result in fueling economic growth by opening up new channels of revenue and creating jobs across both the public and private sector.

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    The ICON Award is presented every year to individuals who have become legends in their fields- medicine, business, philantrhopy, advocacy, and entertainment. These individuals have remained active and engaged throughout their lives and serve as role models, showing us all how to make healthy longevity a way of life.

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The Experience

  • Official Acoustic Version - Drunk In Love
    The Soul Violinist
  • NFL Championship Sunday Feat. Keith David
    The Soul Violinist
  • Adele - Rolling in The Deep
    The Soul Violinist
  • Alicia Keys - Unthinkable
    The Soul Violinist


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